Traveling to the Emme Lodge

Thanks to the famous en well buildt railway in Switzerland as well as the central place in the middle of Switzerland, you can travel to the Emme Lodge very easy and relaxed with the public trafic. 

From direction Bern : within -/+ 30 minutes

From direction Luzern : within +/- 45 minutes

From direction Thun: within +/- 1 hour

From direction Burgdorf : within +/-  30 minutes

Traveling by car

Coming from the north : take the junction Kirchberg – Burgdorf- Hasle- Langnau

Coming from the west : take the junction Muri – Worb – Grosshöchstetten – Langnau

Coming from the south : take the junction Kiesen – Oberdiessbach – Konolfingen – Langnau

Coming from the east : drive into Luzern and follow the interregional road Nr. 10 in direction Emmen, Wolhusen, enjoy the sites of the amizing Entlebuch to Langnau


Check-in from 17.00 O’clock untill 20.00 O’clock.

If you want to check-in at a different time, no problem! Just contact us to be sure we’re there.

Thanks in advance.

Arrival with delay after 20.00 hr. are not to worry about. Just don’t Forget to contact us. Without any notice we have to Charge you for CHF 20.- per hour waiting for you.


Check-out untill 10.00 O’clock.
In Weekends untill 10.30 O’clock.

Other check-out times can be discussed.