Soft renovation

The Architectoffice Jörg und Sturm (today Opus Architekten) from Langnau i. E. have renovated our house during the Winter 2004 / 2005 with care and respect for ite age. Where at first the youghtclub was are now cosy rooms for our gueastst were the can sit togehter or do activities.The former Office is now used as our breakfastroom!

At the “Tenne”, the place were the farmer used to stock his weats for his animals, are now modern showers. Nothing remenbers at the natural open Floor, the “Krüpfen” and the smell from the old house!

Where ist the youghtclus situated now? Inside the former dunkystables and the old storage room from the local historic Museum the architect created great rooms with a lot of Charme. The thick walls which belong to the former blackpowder factorywhere made visible.